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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

This is an excellent faucet choice for your bathroom sink. Its waterfall design is a unique feature that can be a great decorative fixture. It does include a plate that will allow you to install this faucet on a countertop that has one or three holes already drilled into it.

Premier Faucet Handle Lavatory Faucet

Premier Faucet Handle Lavatory Faucet

  • Waterfall spout design
  • Chrome finish
  • 1.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Lever Handle Centerset

With the Premier Sanibel Lead-Free Single Handle Lavatory Faucet, you won’t have to sacrifice function for beauty, either. It includes a WaterSense label that means that it respects our need to conserve water use. In fact, this sink faucet for your bathroom has a flow rate that is limited to 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

Save Water with Style

A bathroom fixture that reduces the flow rate can save up to 700 gallons of water each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. When you consider how much you pay for each of those gallons of water, that adds up to a lot of money, too. Choosing fixtures that have been labeled as WaterSense is an easy way to save that water and that money.

With this faucet from Sanibel, you can enjoy those savings while also adding beautiful décor to your bathroom. This faucet features a waterfall design. This means that the water will pour gently out of a semi-open spigot.

This unique design creates a beautiful look that adds an element of relaxation to your bathroom. It will turn your lavatory into your own personal spa. Waterfall faucets work with any design, but they are particularly appealing when paired with a glass sink.

Finding Peace in Beauty

Our world is a very busy place. Many of us run from working at work to working at home with little time to relax and enjoy life. Turning your bathroom into a relaxing space is an easy way to guarantee that you'll smile at least a couple of times a day. After all, you are in that room several times every day.

Just imagine starting your day a Zen-like relaxing bathroom. When you reach for the sink, you simply lift the single handle of the Premier Sanibel faucet and watch the water flow peacefully into the sink. This faucet becomes your waterfall, right there in your bathroom.

It’s not the only way to bring some peace into your bathroom, though. Consider the following:

  • Bring in the forest – even adding a wooden bowl as an accent can make a bathroom feel more relaxing
  • Plants add oxygen – placing a potted plant in the bathroom will bring in color and some extra oxygen
  • Keep it Clean – a well-organized bathroom with clean and simple decorations can really help you destress.

However much or little you choose to do, including this sink faucet for your bathroom is a great and easy way to make your bathroom a more relaxing place to be.

Easy Installation

The Premier Faucet 284443 Sanibel Single-Handle Faucet includes instructions for easy installation, so anyone can make the change. Since this faucet comes with a plate to work with any number of holes in your bathroom countertop, you won't have to worry about drilling or placing new holes.

Begin by checking your waterline. You’ll want to make sure that water to your sink is turned off. Once you’ve done that, start removing your old fixture. It should disconnect from the pipes and will likely just need a few screws undone to pull the old faucet free.

This Premier Sanibel faucet comes with a ceramic disk cartridge that will help protect against leaks. This will add to your water conservation efforts and help you reap the rewards of knowing that you’re helping the planet while saving on your water bill.


  • Lead-free copper makes this faucet safe, reliable, and durable
  • A beautiful waterfall design will help you relax every time you step into the bathroom
  • The modern design means that this faucet will fit with any décor, so you can renovate and redecorate as much or as little as you please
  • WaterSense certification means that you could save up to 700 gallons of water
  • A deck plate is included to give you the option to install this faucet in a countertop that has one or three holes already drilled.


  • This faucet is manufactured in China.
  • Waterfall faucets have a peaceful and gentle flow, so if you want intense water pressure in your bathroom sink, this might not be the faucet for you.


With the Premier Faucet 284443 Sanibel Single-Handle Faucet, your bathroom will transform into a beautiful and relaxing spa. When you turn on the water, you’ll hear the peaceful flow of a waterfall. Add in the deck plate that allows for flexible and easy installation, and this is the perfect faucet for any bathroom.

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