With the thousands of showerheads available in the home improvement marketplace, you will have many to choose from in all different price ranges. That means you can shop by budget very easily. I always try to make your shower head shopping easier so I have included reviews on excellent showerhead products in different price ranges. You can also find some great deals you would not expect to be in that price range under some of the showerhead price categories.

Is it more pressure or a handheld showerhead you prefer? Maybe you like a more dramatic massaging effect when you shower? Or does your shower head have to have all of the different bells and whistles designed to give you an incredible shower experience?All of these things impact the price of a showerhead and need to be considered when you are shopping for one.

Best Showerheads Under $500

With $500, you should be able to get an efficient high-end showerhead model. Although there are many brands that you can choose from, not all these products perform at the same level. Some of the factors that vary among brands are performance, features, and quality of materials. You need a product that has been durably constructed from high-quality materials. Such a product should be able to have a range of high performing features. I have compiled some of the best units you can choose from and these units are compatible with any standard shower arm.

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Best Showerheads Under $200

The main thing you need in this category of showerheads is efficiency. An efficient unit that has a solid construction and a great design is worth considering. On top of high performance, you need a showerhead that can add some aesthetic value to your bathroom. I have, therefore, compiled a list of products that fit within these parameters and these units won’t fade away or corrode easily. Additionally, these models combine versatility, efficiency, functionality, performance, and durability. Moreover, they are extremely easy to install and use.

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Best Showerheads Under $100

Some of the things that you must consider when choosing a showerhead under $100 include solid construction, ease of use, features, and maintenance requirements. A good showerhead should be of high-quality materials and one that can be easily installed. The manual should be as clear as possible to facilitate easier installation and operation. A feature like a rub clean jets makes such a unit easy to clean. Our list of the best units on the market will help you out in making such a purchase decision.

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So if you know the exact price range of a shower head you want to buy,I believe these price categories can be great to look under. They will help you narrow down your shower head choices in a hurry by showing you the best options when it comes to the price range of the showerheads you are looking to make a purchase in. Imagine being able to find the perfect shower head for you with very little wasted time or effort.

How does it work? Just simply go to the section of reviews on the particular price range of showerheads you are interested in. You can find ones in such categories as showerheads under $100, showerheads under $200 and super-fancy showerheads under $500. Once there you will find reviews on a variety of the best shower heads in that price range. With just a quick scan and a little reading, you should easily be able to find the perfect shower head for your needs.

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