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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa is so much more than just a shower panel system. It’s a full spa that is easy to install right in your own shower. It has a beautiful design that will match any décor along with all of the features you could want.

This shower panel spa includes six jets in addition to a rainfall showerhead and a handheld showerhead. The jets can be turned on and off independently so that you can aim water where you want it to go. The most amazing feature that is unique to this shower tower spa is the glass panel made of 8mm tempered tough glass. It turns your shower into a total spa.

Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa Review

Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa

  • 6 Dual-function body jets
  • White tempered 8mm Tough Glass panel
  • Five-function hand shower 
  • 29 pounds weight

A Shave in the Shower

There are many shower panel system benefits, but this one includes something special. It makes it easy to start shaving in the shower. The biggest benefit of shaving in the shower is the added time in your day. By shaving while you shower, you eliminate one more thing from your morning “to do” list. It’s an easy shift to make, too, especially when you have the Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa.

How to Shave in the Shower

  • Starting your shave by running hot water over the area will soften the hair and open your pores. This can reduce irritation like razor burn because you won't have to press as hard on your razor. By just gliding your razor over your skin gently, you can avoid those pesky bumps that sometimes appear.
  • You’ll want to be sure that your skin is clean before you shave. Shaving in the shower makes this easy. Just wet the skin with hot water before adding your favorite scrub. Ensuring that the skin is clean will prevent your razor from being clogged with dead skin, and it will keep dirt away, just in case there’s a nick or a scrape.
  • When you shave in the shower, you’ll want to use a cream or butter to keep your skin soft and keep track of where you're at. Shave butter and creams can withstand some of the drip and drizzle that comes with shaving in the shower and will help you avoid missing any areas. Be sure to get one that is good at moisturizing to counteract the drying effect of the hot water.
  • If you’re shaving your face, be sure to use your mirror. This is where the Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa really makes a difference. Since it has a mirror built right into the design of the shower panel, this system is made to streamline your morning routine. Make sure that you are shaving in the same direction that your hair grows to help prevent razor burn.

A Beautiful Look

The Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa sits tight against your shower wall, so it won’t take up too much space in your shower. It’s chrome and silver hardware will look great with your other bathroom fixtures, and the built-in mirror looks magnificent.

If you’re looking for clean lines and a modern look for your shower panel system, this is the right choice for you. The uppermost shower head is connected to the panel with a thin pipe that prevents the showerhead from looking square or boxy. Instead, it gives the panel a more traditional look with a strong focus on function.


  • 8 mm thick mirror made of tempered glass
  • Jets that can be selectively turned off to spray water where you want it and not where you don’t
  • Six jets that can be set to a soothing mist or a massaging spray
  • Tub spout with temperature tester, so that you won’t have to sacrifice your bathtub for this shower panel system
  • Hand-held shower head with five different function options.
  • A hand-held shower head that includes a hose that can stretch from 59 inches to 78 inches to reach anywhere you want to go.


  • This model does let you operate more than one feature at a time, but like most shower panel tower systems, the water pressure will decrease slightly as it is sent diverted.


If you are looking to streamline your morning by moving your shaving routine into the shower, then this is the perfect shower panel system for you. It’s simple, yet elegant design will add beauty to your bathroom while making your life easier.

The designers paid close attention to function when they created the Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa. It will fit comfortably in any shower. You won’t have to sacrifice anything when you add this panel spa to your shower. It keeps the tub spout while adding jets, 2 showerheads, and even a mirror. This shower panel really will turn your bathroom into a personal spa.

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