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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The ROVOGO Multi-Function Shower Panel System is the ideal shower panel for any bathroom. It's got a sleek and contemporary look that adds elegance to your shower.

It includes a shower fixture with a hose so that it is handheld. It also includes one overhead fixture that will let the water wash over you as you relax and enjoy it. But ROVOGO doesn't stop there. This panel has two horizontal fixtures, too.

ROVOGO Multi-Function Shower Panel System

ROVOGO Multi-Function Shower Panel System

  • The 3-setting handheld shower
  • The Easy-to-Read digital display
  • 304 stainless steel shower panel 
  • 2 jets are included on this panel 

The stainless steel construction with a black and chrome finish will add a modern and upscale look to your bathroom without requiring a complete renovation. The whole panel is easy to use and even includes a digital temperature display.

All the Accessories You Need – Built Right In

This shower panel includes amazing features. They are easy to understand and use, so neither you nor your guests will ever be left standing there guessing about how to adjust the settings to the way you want.


  • Single-hand controls – You can turn the water on and off with just one hand. The same controller allows you to easily adjust the water temperature, too.
  • Rainfall Shower – With 100 nozzles, this shower fixture offers rain-like spray. Since it’s mounted above your head, you’ll experience the rain over your whole body. It’s a refreshing feeling that you’ll look forward to stepping into every day.
  • Rubber Nozzles – All of the rubber nozzles included in this shower panel are designed not to clog, so keeping it clean will be a breeze.
  • Jet Spray – Two jets are included on this panel to give you the relaxation you want when you’ve had a great workout and are left with sore muscles. They’re also awesome for when stress leaves you feeling tense and in need of a massage. These jets are even adjustable.
  • Handle Fixture – This hand-held shower fixture has three adjustable settings. It will let you pamper yourself with any of the three different functions. Add in the 59-inch hose, and you’ll be able to aim any one of those three functions at any part you that needs it.
  • Easy-to-Read Water Temperature – A digital display makes reading the water temperature easier than ever before.
  • Independent Functions – Since each feature works on its own, your water pressure will always be consistent.
  • Built to Last – This panel includes a mixing valve made of solid brass, so it won’t corrode. This means it will last longer. It also has ceramic disc cartridges to protect against leaks and a hose that won't crack.

Benefits of Relaxation

Relaxing and relieving stress allows our minds to calm. This makes our thinking clearer and enables us to remain calm and make better decisions. Before you head into a job where you know clarity and decision making will bring on the stress, spend some time in a relaxing shower.

Relaxation can also bring down your heart rate and relieve your tension. It can even lower your blood pressure. Spending some time under the ROVOGO Multi-Function Shower Panel System is a great way to relax and slow down before going to bed at night.

A relaxing shower experience can get your day off to a great start or help you relax before you try to fall asleep. When choosing a shower panel system, it’s important to choose one that appeals to you. The design and features of the ROVOGO Multi-Function Shower Panel System is a great choice to ensure that your shower experience helps you relax.


  • Two jets will help you relax sore and tired muscles
  • A rainfall shower fixture allows you to relax and unwind
  • A handheld shower fixture with a 59-inch hose gives you the ability to hit those hard to reach places
  • Digital temperature readout makes it easy to avoid scalding
  • The handle is made to be operated with just one hand, so turning the water on or off and adjusting the temperature is easy to do.


  • This panel does not include a tub spout. If filling a bathtub is an important option, you’ll need to keep your existing tub spout or consider other panels.


Everyone deserves some time to relax. No matter what your job may be, relaxation allows your heart rate to slow, can lower your blood pressure, and keep you clear-minded enough to make better decisions. A great shower panel system is an easy way to add relaxation to every day without adding time to your already busy schedule.

The ROVOGO Multi-Function Shower Panel System has clean lines and a modern look that pairs beautifully with any bathroom décor. Its jets and shower fixtures will wash away your stress to help you prepare for the day ahead or unwind after the chaos is done.

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