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Product Overview

When you’re looking for the right sauna for your family, there are many factors to take into consideration. Reading some infrared sauna reviews can give you a better idea of what to expect out of your purchase. Infrared saunas use different technology than traditional saunas. Carbon fiber heaters using electromagnetic waves to warm the body directly, instead of just the air around you.

SA2420DX Tuscon Monticello 4 Person Infrared Sauna

SA2420DX Tuscon Monticello 4 Person Infrared Sauna

  • 4 Person Corner Hemlock
  • Dual interior and exterior LED control panels
  • Color Mood Light
  • CD Player w/mp3 plug-in

The Tuscon Monticello 4 Person Infrared Sauna is a great model for families of up to four who need a luxury sauna experience in their home but want to install it themselves. Even the most beginner DIY home improver can set up this system with just a screwdriver! It comes with everything you need to install and operate your home spa.

It is made by a trusted manufacturer. They only use top quality materials so you can expect long-lasting performance out of your sauna. They are certified safe and up to code for bathroom use, even for extended times. The factory warranty protects against any parts damagers so you can be confident when you make your purchase.

Infrared Vs. Traditional Saunas

Infrared saunas are a much better choice for home use than a traditional sauna system, especially if you’re sensitive to high temperatures. Infrared technology heats the body directly. Traditional saunas rely on heating the air and waiting for the air to heat you. The infrared system uses carbon fiber technology.

This is especially energy-saving. An environmentally friendly sauna is a smart-consumer choice in many ways because it also helps to save money. Some sauna systems could run up your energy bill with clunky motors, but not this amazing infrared high-tech sauna. It is both luxurious and efficient. The warm air will circulate through the chamber and heat your body to promote good health.


  • Roomy, Spacious Sauna for Four People

This is a great choice for families of up to four people to enjoy. It is spacious enough for all four people to comfortably relax and the powerful heating technology of the carbon fiber heaters equally warm the entire space.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

It is made out of beautiful Canadian hemlock wood that is sturdy as well as visually pleasing. Even though it is big enough for four people, it has a surprisingly compact shape that can be easily installed in a variety of homes. The untreated wood has a lovely, warm tone to it.

  • Superior Surround Sound Speakers

Sound for this spa includes a built-in surround sound system with crystal clear sound as well as a CD player and MP3 plug. You can enjoy your favorite books, radio shows, and music all from the comfort of your home spa.

  • Comfortable Interior

The interior of the sauna is very comfortable, with four built-in backrests that cradle your body. Everyone in your family can enjoy the experience as it will comfortably fit four people. The surround sound speakers will add to the ambiance of the experience, as well as the relaxing built-in lighting.

  • Easy to Control and Install

Installation has never been easier with this home sauna kit. It is a great choice for people are looking for a home improvement project that is hassle-free and has great customer service. The instruction manual is included and is easy to follow. If you need additional help there is a hotline you can call for assistance.

  • Assembled Dimensions 59" x 59" x 75".
  • 10 Carbon heaters 2270 Watts and heats up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 Minutes.
  • 120v/ 20 amp power - Note: Electrical modifications may be required to accommodate 20 amp power.
  • Sauna Comes With-Sound System With C/D Player with MP3 plug, 4 Back Rests, Interior
  • Wood Type: Hemlock.


  • Electrical Modifications May Be Required

Be aware that because of the size and power of this sauna, you may need to make some electrical modifications to accommodate the 20 amp power.

Health Benefits

Using an infrared sauna in combination with a healthy lifestyle will maximize your health. The heating technology boosts circulation in your bloodstream for easier weight loss, pain relief, and stress management. The relaxing, soothing environment in combination with the speaker system and your favorite music is a great way to recover your mind and body after a workout or day at the job.

Those with chronic health conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pain will find some relief in using hot sauna treatments. It can be a powerful tool in warding off aches and pains. The increased circulation to your joints and muscles will help you recover faster.


If you need a sauna that fits four people, operates smoothly, and is great for your health, the Tuscon Monticello 4 Person Infrared Sauna a good choice. Infrared sauna reviews agree that Hemlock wood is the best material for construction, as it is both beautiful and durable. Also, this model comes with luxury features such as a surround sound and lighting that will add an elegant touch to your bathroom or home spa.

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