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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

If you’re thinking about having a steam shower in your bathroom, this sliding door steam shower enclosure unit is a great choice for those looking for an economically sized shower with a luxury feel. It comes with six therapeutic, massaging jets in addition to the hot steam technology which soothes, improves health, and relieves stress.

Eagle Bath Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure

Eagle Bath Sliding Door Steam Shower

  • 110v Whirlpool Bath Tub
  • Acupuncture Massage 
  • 486 pounds weight
  • 2 Years Parts Warranty

The design is a curved sliding glass door which uses blue tempered glass for a beautiful, simple exterior appearance. This sliding glass steam shower would look great in a modern, minimalist bathroom, but has the versatility to enhance the interior of many bathroom spaces. Its economic design allows for versatile installation in the home, as well.

For those who love to indulge their senses, this shower also comes with a pre-installed aromatherapy feature where you can add your favorite essential oils to the steam. If you are looking for a shower with a luxury in-home spa experience at an economic size, this blue tempered glass sliding door steam shower is a great choice.

Modern Technology

The steam-heating technology works fast to bring steam to the desired temperature in only a few minutes, with no risk of overheating. It’s made with high-quality materials to prevent leaks, extend the lifetime of the shower, and minimize maintenance and cleaning. The steam-heating chamber even cleans itself, so you can spend more time enjoying your shower and less time cleaning it.

All of these features are controlled by easy-to-use digital controls on the inside of the shower, which has a futuristic and modern look. This is not your traditional old shower, this is a luxury bathing experience that benefits your health and reduces stress. It has a rainfall style ceiling shower and a stool included, so you can sit down and enjoy the relaxing jets and maximum benefits with minimum stress.

Sleek Design

This shower is designed with modern inspiration in mind, with a shiny white finish on the exterior frame and a curved enclosure that makes the space feel even bigger inside. The blue tempered glass adds a cool, relaxing tone, thus accentuating the relaxing atmosphere.

The size of the sliding door steam shower enclosure unit allows it to fit into a variety of bathroom shapes and sizes. It isn’t too big or bulky, so it won’t dominate the bathroom, but it is large enough for one or two people to enjoy a luxurious showering experience.

Health Benefits of Steam Showers

Steam showers have been used for thousands of years for their health benefits. Everyone knows that a hot shower is good for the body and soul, but did you know that steam showers can help you reduce stress, soothe pain, and detoxify your body? There are many benefits to having a steam shower in your bathroom.

  • Increase Circulation

The increased circulation in your body from enjoying a hot steam shower can benefit you in many ways. Your increased heartrate will help to move blood through your veins at a fasterrate, thereby boosting your metabolism.

  • Boost Weight Loss

An added benefit of increased circulation is that it can help boost your weight loss efforts when you sweat out extra water weight in your very own luxury steam shower. The increased circulation also means that you are burning more calories without even trying.

  • Detoxify Your Body

Steam treatments allow for purifying water to penetrate deep into your skin and expel the toxins that build up over time from pollution, makeup, and chemicals.

  • Open Pores for Better Skincare

Hot steam showers will open your pores, allowing for your skincare products to do their job even better. Your skin will feel cleaner and more moisturized as it opens up to absorb the soothing water.

  • Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain

For those with joint pain, muscle pain, and arthritis, steam showers can be a powerful tool of relief. This is one of the main reasons why people choose steam showers for their homes.


The size of this shower is fairly economic, standing at approximately 48 x 48 x 86 inches. It comes with blue tempered glass sliding doors, a shower base, and a pan. The control panel on the inside of the tempered glass has an easy-to-use computer control panel with a timer on it. Its additional features including LED lighting and aromatherapy.


Luxury Showering Experience

This is a luxury showering experience that mimics a soothing spa environment right in your bathroom. You will wonder how you ever survived without having a steam shower in your bathroom.

Economic Size

The economic size of this steam shower makes it a great choice for those who want a luxury experience in a moderate to small-sized bathroom.

Powerful Therapeutic Features

The aromatherapy features add a layer of comfort and healing to your shower. Six jets are placed in the ideal position for you to sit back and soothe your muscle pains and aches.


Small Size

This shower is the perfect size for a moderate to small bathroom, but for those looking for a shower that can fit over two people, this one simply will not work.


This sliding door steam shower enclosure unit is a great choice if having a steam shower in your bathroom is important to you but you’re not working with a lot of space. It includes top-of-the-line features and is made with high-quality materials that are unbeatable. Additionally, the cool blue and white tempered glass exterior is very beautiful, modern, and functional.

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