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The SomovWorld Rain 6-inch is a high-quality showerhead and one of the classiest on the market. This showerhead is strong, elegant, luxurious, and ensures high performance even when the water pressure is low. Apart from the solid construction, it boasts of anti-leak design, anti-clog design, and modern looking contemporary style. With this showerhead, you enjoy low maintenance and solid performance for many years.

SomovWorld Rainfall High Pressure Showerhead

SomovWorld Rainfall

  • 90 Powered Anti-Clogging Silicone Jets
  • Quickly connects to any standard shower arm
  • 6'' Shower Head 
  • 72.5 Pound per Square Inch

It has the capabilities of controlling the water flow using a removable water restrictor. The amazing experience of this shower is enhanced further by its 90 anti-clogging silicone powered jets. These jets have been designed in a way that prevents hard water and lime deposits. Some of the key things about this showerhead include a water restrictor that is easily removable, rainfall showerhead, elegant & classy appearance, the capability to work flawlessly with low water pressure, tool-free installation system, Teflon tape, water filters, and anti-clogging jets.

Special Features

The SomovWorld rain showerhead is a luxury U.S. quality standard showerhead that is quite durable. It is a universal product that is able to meet the needs of the entire family. One of its key features is the elegant and powerful rainfall showerhead. Apart from elegance, it offers you excellent performance both at high water pressure and low water pressure. There is a swivel ball joint made from brass that enables spraying of water anywhere. This makes it an amazing option for bathing and bathroom decor. There is a removable water restrictor that can be pulled out to allow unrestricted flow of water. The increased water flow enables superior rain spray for an ultimate shower experience.

The legal framework in the U.S ensures that the showerheads conform to certain minimum standards. This includes the maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Remember that high flow rates result into intense showering experience. By removing the water restrictor, you are able to create a flow rate that will satisfy your showering needs.

The 6-inch face of this sprayer has 90 evenly spaced nozzles to give a powerful shower like no other. These nozzles comprises anti-clogging silicone jets that are easy to clean. These jets prevent the deposit of lime and hard water on the showerhead hence enabling easier maintenance. The Rainfall High Flow pattern that you experience from this shower will make you think you are on vacation at a high-end resort. Since it is in your bathroom, you can enjoy the flexibility of getting an invigorating shower at any time during the day or at night. The shower will always blast your head with a soothing water torrent and make you forget your problems for a while.

High-Quality Construction and Design

The showerhead has been made from the superior quality ABS materials that are not durable but also lightweight. This construction gives it a classy look and a metal-like coating finish. This makes the SomovWorld rain showerhead look stylish in your bathroom. The diameter of the showerhead is 6 inches which is large enough to manage a wide coverage for the user. The nozzles are placed almost edge to edge to give you a total body coverage and a rain drenching experience. When you turn on the device, you get a feeling of being under a heavy downpour. It is basically a rainfall showerhead that gives you more than just a shower. There is also the AASS 24h chrome plated 9-grade feature that gives this showerhead a shiny look and a beautiful design. This feature enhances your bathroom decor and gives a great look to your showerhead. The drenching experience offered by this device is normally found in 5-star hotels. This showerhead, therefore, enables you to get the experience of a 5-star resort right into your bathroom.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation process for the SomovWorld Rain showerhead is quite easy to do. There is a user manual that contains all the information you need to know. It will show you the installation procedure for your new shower. The procedure can be completed in less than one minute and doesn't require any additional tools. There is also a stepwise guide that helps you learn the water restrictor removal process.

The included anti-leak and anti-clogging features ease further the cleaning and maintenance process. Where there is dirt deposits that need to be removed, you can remove them by simply rubbing the nozzles using your hand. You can also disassemble the unit for a deeper cleaning process. In most cases, you don't have to disassemble the unit as the rubbing process will remove most of the dirt.

Additional Benefits

The customer support team is quite friendly and is always on standby to respond to your queries and address your concerns. It is a quite affordable showerhead that will not break the bank. The affordability of this unit combined with its features makes you enjoy a quality shower at a friendly price. The good thing is that the showerhead can be easily connected to your standard shower arm without using any tool. The package includes other bonus features like Teflon tape, a special surprise, and additional water filter. Basically, everything you need is included in the package and the bonus features will come at no additional cost.


The SomovWorld High Flow is a 6-inch high pressure fixed luxury rainfall showerhead from SomovWorld company. The company has a mission of helping people work with confidence and ease by giving them products that are of high quality and functionality. It guarantees a two-weeks no-questions-asked money back guarantee period within which you can return the showerhead if you are not satisfied with the purchase. Within this period, you will get your money back and won't be asked any question concerning the product. The showerhead comes with a removable water restrictor to enable you to adjust the flow rate to suit your showering needs.

It also has an adjustable ball joint brass swivel that gives you the best relaxation experience similar to that of a 5-star hotel or resort Spa. This showerhead stands out because of its high-quality construction, modern looking style, anti-leaking design, and anti-clogging features. If you buy this unit, you are guaranteed to enjoy low maintenance costs as well as solid performance for many years to come. If you need a simple high-pressure showerhead that is budget friendly, then this is a good option to consider. It has a simple design which is quite elegant and has the flexibility to blend well with your bathroom decor.

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