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by Thomas Holmes

The Speakman brand began way back in 1869 when the two Speakman brothers, Allen and Joseph, opened a modest plumbing shop. The two brothers believed in performance, craftsmanship, and superior quality of their products. Today the brand continues to produce high-performing fixtures engineered to get the best transformation out of the water. Their S-2005-HB model is synonymous with luxury and that is why it is found in most luxury hotels across the world. Despite the luxury associated with this showerhead, it comes at an affordable price hence making it a perfect choice for your bathroom.

Speakman, Polished Chrome S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

Speakman S-2005-HB

  • Spray Adjusting Handle
  • 1/2” -14 NPTF Female Inlet
  • Plastic Body Construction, with Brass Ball Nut
  • 2.5 Gallons Per Minute

The product fits the U.S standard plumbing connections and has self-cleaning nozzles to offer you consistent and powerful spray performance. Its simplistic modern frame makes it a perfect choice for any bathroom. Its T-handle allows you to get a smooth turn and easy switching between its various settings. The water flow settings for this showerhead are gentle rain, combination spray, therapeutic, and pulsating massage streams. Since its jets are self-cleaning, maintaining this device requires very little efforts.


Aesthetically speaking, the Speakman S-2005 showerhead is a gorgeous device that will give any bathroom a spa-like experience. When you open its box, the first thing you notice is its big size. The head measures 5 inches across,and this is for a good reason. In addition to looking great, it gives you a wide and consistent spray that will keep you clean and give you a relaxed feeling. The beautiful chrome finisheswill make you want to stay in the shower for a longer time. With some regular maintenance, you can retain the shiny nature of this shower for a long time.

You get to choose between four stunning finishes. They are polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished brass, and brushed nickel. The most easily recognizable finish is the polish chrome. Therefore, you will be able to boost your bathroom´s style and décor with this showerhead. It is a complimentary finish that works well with the traditional, modern, contemporary, and vintage bathrooms. The brushed chrome is an interesting finish that has all the chrome qualities and additional qualities that gives it a subtle and rustic touch. It looks great and feels delightful in your bathroom. The polished brash marks the epitome of the traditional decor with its elegant and vibrant qualities. This finish will make an impact in your bathroom with its rich, delightfully, and quaint touch. The brushed nickel is surprisingly unique and delivers a soft metallic and warm look for your bathroom. It is durable, resilient, easy to clean, and doesn't show any fingerprint mark or water spot.

Special Features

One of the primary features in any Speakman showerhead is the Anystream 360 technology. This patented technology is incorporated in this product to enable you to customize your shower experience. It has a simple lever that allows you to choose between powerful massage and gentle rain spray. You just need to rotate the lever within the 360-degree rotation field to create a unique showering experience.

There are three distinct spray settings for this showerhead to choose from. These are intense, massage, and combination. There are 8 powerful and streamlined jets for massage setting that can be used to knead your muscles after a hard day of work. If you just need a good relaxing shower to start off your day, there are 50 soothing jets to give you unmatched water coverage for intense showering. With the intense setting, no single spray intersects with each other and that way, you will enjoy a sensual and remarkably powerful shower. For the massage setting, there is a pounding and invigorating barrage that is intended to relieve tight and sore muscles.

By setting the knob between intense and massage settings, you get all the 58 jets concurrently. This gives you the best of the two worlds and creates a spa-like shower experience. There is a simple knob on the showerhead's side that enables you to change the stream. It helps in changing the settings while showering. This showerhead has a solid plastic construction that has the quality of metal fabrication. This makes it affordable to users who want a metal quality unit but don't have enough money to pay for the metal construction.

It has five adjustable settings that ensure you get a unique bathing experience. The flow control for this unit is 2.5 GPM which makes you groove to the water stream and forget everything else. It has been designed to meet your bathing desires completely. The unit has self-cleaning fixtures that provide consistent spray pattern and good water pressure.


If properly installed, you won't experience any leaks or dripping from this showerhead despite its plastic construction. There is also a lifetime warranty that comes with the purchase of this product. Installing this showerhead is easy and requires minimum efforts. You will need a plumbers tape and an adjustable wrench to get it done. To begin the installation process, wrap the shower arm thread with the plumber's tape to create a tight seal that prevents any leakages. You then have to attach the showerhead and turn it clockwise until it is fully locked. The adjustable wrench helps in further tightening of the showerhead.


The Speakman S-2005-HB showerhead is an excellent low-cost device that features the patented Anystream technology. This technology maximizes the results of the water pressure levels. It is a very popular showerhead in hotels, apartments, and homes. This model enables you to replicate a five-star hotel bathroom experience right in your bathroom for only the fraction of the cost of a high-end shower head. The showerhead comes with a handle that can be rotated to allow transitioning between massage, intense, and combination spray patterns.

The spray patterns are both soothing and powerful enough to give you the best possible experience. No matter the style of your bathroom, this showerhead comes in four beautiful finishes to meet your aesthetic requirements. It is equipped with 8 powerful jets and 50 full-body sprays to give you a soothing and distinct massage experience. The showerhead has fantastic high pressure and is easy to install. You can get this top rated showerhead operational in your bathroom in just a matter of minutes.

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