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by Thomas Holmes

This adjustable showerhead is unlike any other showerhead you have ever experience. Just the look of the polished chrome can give you enough definition to know that this appliance is worth it. No one likes to jump in the shower in the morning to find out there is no water pressure. The Speakman S-3353 showerhead that comes in Polished Chrome will not leave you in doubt when it comes to pressure. This particular showerhead is designed for anyone who enjoys the luxury and affordability of a high functioning appliance but for an inexpensive price. This showerhead is comparable to the Speakman S-2251 that comes in 7 different finishes and is also a high-pressure unit, adjustable showerhead but it is over triple the price. For the price and high quality of the product, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. However, when you buy a product, there are a few things you should look into first:

Speakman S-2252 Signature Icon Anystream Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head

Speakman S-2252

  • Powerful Water Flow
  • Consistent Spray
  • Six Adjustable Jets
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • What is the brand of the product and how are the past reviews?
  • Is the product built to last and what is the material the product is made of?
  • Is the product worth the price?
  • What is the warranty on the product?

You know Speakman produces great products because they date back to the year 1869. Therefore, you can be sure that they are a loyal brand because if their products didn’t hold up, they would no longer be in business.

Key Features

Some of the main key features on the Icon showerhead are:

  • Anystream Technology

The Anysteam technology is the technology implemented in the showerhead to offer a diverse movement of sprays. In order to change the pattern between the sprays, all you have to do is rotate the handle. It’s quick and easy and will allow you to have a different experience each time you turn on your tap.

  • Different Spray Settings to Choose From

One of the patterns is the intense spray and this setting is great for people who want to enjoy a powerful experience, and lots of water pressure. You can turn the setting to the intense feature, and you will be pleasantly surprised that not a particular spray interconnects- therefore you will have a powerful, and pleasurable experience every time.

The rain feature is gentle but still heavy and this feature on the showerhead is concocted to generate a more comforting and soothing experience. Since rain often comes in large drops and with the rain setting, each drop is large because the larger drops hold heat for a length ierperiod of time and will feel the best on your head and overall body.

The flood feature is great if you want to jump in the shower and feel more relaxed. This is the best thing to come home to after a day’s work; there is nothing more that one wants than to feel a bombardment of impenetrable sprays throbbing on your body. Each feature is great depending on the experience you want to have in the shower.

  • 48 Powerful Sprays + 6 Plungers

There are 48 powerful sprays and six plungers included in this showerhead, which are intended to maximize your pleasure in the shower. This showerhead will provide you with a truly iconic experience that is customizable to your liking. All you have to do is rotate the showerhead to find the best intensity to meet your needs. Whether you want a heavy, soaking experience or a more relaxing rainfall shower, it’s all in the power of the showerhead. In top of that, the nozzles are self-cleaning too.

  • Polished Chrome

You can never go wrong with Chrome because the polished chrome will match everything and coordinate with all your bathroom décor. Polished chrome givesa complimentary feel and matches nicely with vintage, modern, contemporary and traditional styles. It’s a fixture that will never go out of style or rust.

  • Constructed with Brass

This showerhead is constructed using resilient, solid brass in order to ensure the highest quality and longevity of their product. Speakman’s make their products durable to built to last.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Is the showerhead adjustable in all directions- up, down, and sideways?

It is standard to all levels of motion with every other showerhead. Yes, it is adjustable to some point, but the range in motion is not too large.

What is the difference between the 2.0GPM and the 2.5GPM?

The difference between the 2.0GPM and the 2.5GPM is the gallons per minute. The 2.0 will have a top water flow of 2 gallons per minute in terms of 2.5 gallons per minute with the 2.5GPM. Therefore, the larger the GPM (gallons per minute) the more water that flows out of the nozzle.

How would one person remove the water restrictor on this particular model?

The easiest and most efficient way that people have removed the water restrictor from this model is with a ‘wine opener.’

What does E/A mean in association with the price?

E/A means Each-per-Unit.

Where is the product manufactured?

Just like majority of all the other products in the world, this product is built and assembled in China.

What is the difference between the S-2251 and the S-2252 model other than the price?

The difference between the S-2251 model and the S-2252 model is that the S-2251 has 8 nozzles and the S-2252 has 6 nozzles. The model with 8 nozzles costs quite a bit more, but many reviews show that the one with 6 nozzles delivers a heavier water flow. Neither will disappoint, its just preference and what you are looking for in a showerhead. Both are wonderful products and well worth the investment.

Can you use this showerhead with a handheld expedient?

Yes, it is; all you will need is a diverter valve.

Does this kit come with Teflon tape?

Yes, it is included with the purchase.

Does this kit come with a valve and if not, which one would you recommend?

You do not need an extra valve; all you have to do is unscrew your old one and screw in your new one. After that it will work great.

Do I need to purchase tape?

No, tape is included with the product at no additional cost.

Can this be merged with a water filter that filters hard water?

Yes, it can but make sure the aperture is the same as a regular shower bib. Then all you have to do is apply Teflon tape and you are all set.

What Does the Customer Say?

It’s always crucial to take customers opinions into consideration before buying a product. This will give you a more balanced review as to what the customer liked and maybe did not like as much in regards to the product. What do the customers say about the Speakman S-2252 Signature Brass?


Many customers said that this product was very reliable and easy to use. They were not disappointed at all with this purchase and they can count on the water pressure being heavy each time they take a shower. The customers know that the product uses highly destructible materials that are built to last and hold up for years to come. If anything goes wrong, the warranty can solve it.

Easy to Set Up

Customers liked the fact that the showerhead was very easy to set up. Many girls were reviewing it and said they have never set up a product like this but they have made it very easy to do so. All the instructions are easy to follow and customers have set this product up in under 10 minutes.

Incredible Pressure

This should come at no surprise, majority of the customers were ranting about how great the pressure was. They have never experienced a showerhead quite like this one with the amount of pressure. They loved being able to change the settings by rotating the showerhead nozzle. Many customers were not expecting the pressure to be so high and consistent, so they were happily surprised to see that it works as good as it says it does.

Many ladies said the pressure was good for rinsing the shampoo and conditioner out of their think hair. Sometimes with low pressure, you miss some of the shampoo; therefore your hair becomes greasy. With such a high-pressured showerhead, this definitely will never happen. They also enjoy the adjustments you can do with this showerhead. Some showerheads you cannot adjust whatsoever, so being in control of where your showerhead goes is important.

A Well-Manufactured Product

Overall, the customers think this product is engineered and manufactured very well. The product is great for every age and since the pressure can be changed, everyone loves it. The materials are durable, which makes this product built to last. The solid construction, and coverage make this one of the best showerheads on the market.

You Get What You Pay For

Many people have said that they bought numerous different showerheads at a cheap cost because they didn’t think it really mattered, but after they purchased the Speakmans S-2252 showerhead, there was no turning back. There is no point in investing in 5 different showerheads at a low cost every year because the pressure is no good or they break, you might as well invest in a good one that is built with durable materials (that comes with warranty) that could last you a lifetime. People have enough things to do in a day then run around a replace a terrible showerhead. Start out with a good one off the bat and you might never have to replace another one again.

Final Words

To sum up the ‘Speakman S-2252,there would be no better way to put it than to invest your money in a product where customers give it a five-star review. This product has proven to customers that the pressure is as high and constant as the company says it is. The materials are durable, and built to last and the product is very easy to assemble. The technology that the company as incorporated into their showerheads is incredible and gives the customer a more hands on experience. They can switch the pressure and change the setting to which ever one they want- depending on the mood they are in. Again, if they want a more pressured, high intensity shower- they can switch the setting to ‘intense’ or if they want a more peaceful and relaxing experience in the shower, they can use the ‘rainfall’ setting. There are similar products you can find that are cheaper, but customers have said that the products are not built as tough, and they need to be replaced every so often.

The 48 powerful sprays and 6 plungers make this showerhead one of the best on the market. There are not too many other showerheads that offer the same settings and unique controls like this one does. The polished chrome will blend in with anything, so you don’t have to worry about changing your décor in order to match your shower appliances. This neutral toned showerhead will actually clean itself.

All in all, it is a great product and many people said if they had to, they would purchase this product over and over again. There is nothing like spending hours and hours trying to set up something so simple and not being able to. You don’t have to worry about that, you can have this product assembled properly in less than ten minutes. Everything you need is included or you will likely have lying around your house.

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