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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Steam Bath - Sauna Bath Steam Generator (Self Draining) is a high-performance steam system for turning your bathroom or home spa into a sauna. It’s no wonder people have used steam rooms for thousands of years. There are so many health benefits to using steam showers and steam baths. It’s easier than ever to create a sauna right in your own home by using the steam bath generator.

Superior 12kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator

Superior 12kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator

  • Power supply: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • 1 Phase Steam outlet: two ¾" outlets 
  • 2 hot lines and 1 ground line
  • NPT fillings Heats 460 to 700 cu. ft.
  • It makes it easy to create a sauna in your home.

The self-draining function on this particular system allows you to enjoy more time relaxing in your hot steam shower in less time worrying about maintenance. It comes with a high tech black and chrome programmable control panel. The control panel can be mounted inside or outside your shower room for added versatility.

  • Self-draining feature for maximum convenience.

The device itself comes in an economic small size that can be easily installed into a closet or under a cabinet. You will not see or hear your generator but you will be impressed by the amount of consistency and quality steam that it generates even over extended periods

  • Quiet and high-capacity performance.


  • High-Capacity and High-Performance

The sauna bath steam generator heats up fast and can provide enough steam for up to 700 ft.³. It has several features to keep it from overheating or leaking. It provides quality steam at a consistent rate even after an extended period.

  • Produces hot steam fast and for a long time.
  • Made out of high-quality materials.
  • Will not overheat or leak.
  • Hassle-Free Installation

It comes with the necessary wires to install your generator along with the control panel. The instructions are easy to follow and if you have any problems there is a customer service line you can call for additional assistance.

  • It comes with sixteen feet of wire.
  • Easy to install.
  • Customer service line for additional help installing.
  • It Comes With Free Stuff

The package is bundled along with a two-sided shower bath brush and scrub massager. Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff and these items will add another layer of luxury to your steam shower experience.

  • Package includes scrub massager and bath brush.
  • Aromatherapy Reservoir Built-In

For those who enjoy relaxing since they have added an integrated aromatherapy feature. You can enjoy your favorite essential oils along with your steam shower. Simply add them to the aromatherapy reservoir and allow the generator to heat up.

  • Easy to use aromatherapy feature.
  • Add any essential oil.
  • Luxurious experience.


  • Not Suitable For Certain Health Conditions

If you have a serious pre-existing heart condition you should check with your medical doctor before using hot steam treatment. The heart steam generator can increase your heart rate.

Health Benefits

Saunas are used in spas to treat many health issues such as pain and built-up tension from stress. Using hot steam treatments in your home can be a powerful solution to many chronic health conditions. It will detoxify your body and beautify your skin.

  • Manage Muscle Pain and Joint Pain

Hot steam generators will create a relaxing environment that will soothe your stress and allow attention to release from your muscles. Also, the hot steam treatments will increase circulation all over the body for improved recovery time.

  • Fight Off Cold and Flu Symptoms

Hot steam showers can have powerful benefits for the respiratory system. The steam will open up your airways and loosen up mucus and toxins. The hydrating steam can soothe sore throats and help relieve uncomfortable cold and flu symptoms.

  • Lose Weight Faster

If you use a steam generator in combination with your work out routine you can maximize your results. You can recover faster from your workouts because your circulation will be increased. Extra calories and water weight will also be burnt off as you sweat it out in your home sauna.


The Steam Bath - Sauna Bath Steam Generator (Self Draining) is a powerful generator that is a good choice for those looking for a top-rated steam shower generator that comes with additional luxury features. The fact that it is self-draining makes it far more convenient compared to other steam generators. The additional aromatherapy reservoir function is an additional plus that makes this a great choice for a High capacity generator.

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of a steam shower or sauna but you don’t want to go to the spa, this is a great way to enjoy steam power health benefits right at home at your convenience. For those with a taste of luxury, this steam shower generator will be an incredible enhancement to your home spa. For maximum benefits from your steam treatments, you should choose a quality steam generator from a trusted manufacturer such as this one here.

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