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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Steamist TSG-10 10 KW Rating Total Sense Residential Steam Generator is a modern home steam generator made by one of the most respected appliance manufacturers in the steam industry. It comes with a modulated steam system for precise heating for your specific shower requirements.

Steamist TSG-10 Total Sense Steam Generator

Steamist TSG-10 Total Sense Steam Generator

  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Stainless Steel material
  • Variable steam output for the best performance
  • 29.4 pounds weight
  • Precise steam heating technology from a trusted manufacturer.

The body of the system is stainless steel and only the most high-quality components were used in its manufacturing. It can produce a steady, quality stream of hot steam. for an extended period without leakage or overheating. It is a powerful steam generating system for a modern home spa.

  • The stainless steel body produces consistent, quality steam.

The stream of steam that is output is consistent and the device itself is quiet. It’s convenient small size and noise-free technology means that you can easily tuck it away in the bathroom closet or cabinet and enjoy the steam treatment without seeing or hearing the generator.

● Convenient size allows for versatile installation options.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Steam Showers

  • Treat Chronic Pain and Muscle Stiffness

Those suffering from arthritis, joint pain, or muscle pain can find relief in using a hot steam shower generator in their home spa in combination with physical therapy to manage symptoms. The hot steam treatments will invigorate the body and increase circulation. Pain and tension will melt away from your joints and muscles. Stress contributes to the majority of health issues and the soothing therapeutic power of steam will help melt away stress and anxiety before they can manifest physically.

  • Treat Cold and Flu System Fast

Using hot steam treatments at home with a steam generator will improve respiration and treat certain respiratory problems such as congestion or the common cold. The hot steam loosens up mucus in the airways to help you breathe. Your respiratory system and airways will be opened up by the steam treatments. Not only will you breathe better, but the moisturizing steam will hydrate your body.

  • Recover From Workouts and Lose Weight Faster

Those who are looking to lose weight can use a steam shower generator in combination with their exercise routine to maximize their results. Calories will be burnt off even faster without even trying as you soak up the therapeutic steam shower from the steam generator. You will also work to sweat out your extra water weight when you enjoy a hot steam shower.


  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Components

The steam generator is made out of high-quality materials for long-lasting and durable function with minimum maintenance. The manufacturer is a reputable and trusted source of steam appliances. All of the components of this device are certified high-quality.

  • Durable, strong, and high-performance.
  • Quiet and Continuous Steam

The stream of steam that is produced by this residential steam generator is consistent and of great quality. It generates enough steam for the average bathroom or home spa to enjoy a steam shower for an extended period. It is a high-quality and technologically advanced machine that produces the least amount of noise possible.

  • High-quality steam consistently generated.
  • Maximum Health Benefits

The steam generator does exactly what it's supposed to: provide amazing health benefits for the user. It can help you lose weight, look better, and feel better. It will detoxify the body and help prevent disease. Your sore muscles will feel more relaxed after a hot relaxing steam shower using your steam generator.

  • Many health benefits including pain relief and stress management.


  • Requires additional purchases

This is a quality steam generator, but it is not a complete steam system. You will require a few additional purchases to get completely set up. These are available through the same trusted manufacturer.

  • For best results, purchase additional parts from the same manufacturer.


The Steamist TSG-10 10 KW Rating Total Sense Residential Steam Generator is a good choice for those looking for a steam generator for the modern home with a hassle-free installation and durable quality components. It comes with an easy to read installation manual and you can also call their customer service line for additional assistance.

It provides a quiet and steady stream of steam for an extended period without overheating. It is easy to install, clean, and maintain. It is a versatile generator with many installation options. Call after you purchase to set up your limited factory warranty for added peace of mind.

You will not believe the positive effects that using a steam generator in your home can have on your health. Sore muscles and scratchy throats will be vanquished for good by this steam generator. You will feel and look better than ever before with regular use of the hot steam treatments for your skin muscles in mind.

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