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by Thomas Holmes

Toto is a brand with a rich history. They have manufactured bathroom products for over 100 years, and sold over 40 million units worldwide. The transitional collection series is popular for its value for money and its environmental responsibility. Toto’s brand promise includes a pledge to “Protect the global environment by conserving finite natural resources and energy.”

Toto TS200AL65-CP Transitional Collection Series Review

ToTo TS200AL65-CP

  • WaterSense certified low-flow 2.0 gpm
  • Rubber nozzles to prevent lime scale build up
  • G 1/2-Inch connection
  • Multifunction showerhead with 5 spray modes

The TS200AL65-CP has a clean and simple design and while it may not be overly luxurious, the minimal nature of the design means it can fit into pretty much any bathroom design. On top of this, it can be purchased at a relatively modest price (here's another brand's product is available under $50). Many of its competitors are far more expensive, but does the price tag mean it compromises on features? Most would agree that this is not the case, and though this isn’t perhaps the most elite product on the market, it is a very good option.


  • A choice between five different spray settings based on your personal preference. Spray, spray and massage, massage, mist or pause can all be switched through with ease.
  • Standard 1/2-Inch connection which makes fitting simple.
  • 0 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate, which keeps this shower head safe for use in most parts of the world even with environmental restrictions in place.
  • 5 inch shower head diameter.
  • Nozzles designed with rubber covering which avoids limescale and bacteria buildup.


  • Some users have reported this showerhead as not having a huge amount of pressure.
  • Doesn’t cover a very large surface area, so if you are looking for a ‘rain’ style flow then this may not be the best shower head choice.

Key Features

Build Quality

The build quality of the Toto TS200AL65-CP is very good. The brand have become known for their high quality products. You don’t last 100 years in this marketplace if you don’t bring out some great products.

The chrome finish of the product is pretty standard for showerheads, but the rubber nozzles are a really good addition. Rubber isn’t the classiest finish, but if you were to look at this shower head you probably wouldn’t know that they were rubber, especially from a distance. The color matches the chrome finish so they don’t give a cheap and nasty feel to your showerhead. This can often be the case with some of the more affordable products on the market.


The TS200AL65-CP certainly isn’t what you would call a statement piece. While it looks classy and elegant, it is also very simple and understated. People visiting your bathroom probably won’t notice it as something that looks like it belongs in a mansion, in fact, they probably won’t notice it at all, which is a good thing, just so long as it fits the overall decor of the bathroom.

The chrome finish is the most common type of Toto showerhead, but they do offer some other designs too. Brushed Nickel and Polished Nickel finishes give you further choices for matching up the design of your bathroom. If your metal finishes within your bathroom don’t match then it can very quickly start to look tacky.

Toto’s range offers plenty of other products which can match the design. They offer faucets and even complete bathroom suites. A consistent look is what most of us are aiming for when it comes to bathroom design.


Installing your showerhead can be a daunting task, especially if you have no knowledge of plumbing. However, with products like this, you needn’t be worried. In fact, many users with no knowledge of plumbing at all can get the TS200AL65-CP up and running in no time. This is especially the case if you are just looking to change the shower head and not the arm.

If you are replacing the arm as well, it may be a little more of a challenge. Some people prefer to get a plumber to do this, or at least someone well-versed in DIY, to ensure that the installation has been done correctly. It can be a real waste of money if you don’t fit it right, and end up having to replace it!

The installation guidelines do come included, but most of us won’t even need to give them a second look. It is as simple as unscrewing the old shower head and screwing the new shower head on. One great tip is to use threading tape, which can help you to ensure you don’t encounter any leaks once the product has been installed.

Flow and Feel

This is what is classified as a “low flow” showerhead. Don’t expect it to feel like a jet wash when you get in! However, the flow can be adjusted with the different settings, which means you have five different options (well, technically four when you consider that one of these is just a pause setting).

The maximum flow rate is 2.5 gpm to be precise. The pressure is pretty good for this flow rate, but some users are switching from water-guzzling models which pump through a lot of H20. This is why there are some reviews saying the pressure is quite low.

Generally, out of the different settings, you will likely find one which suits you at the very least. The feel is quite gentle, and the coverage could be a little higher. If you are in the market for a rain simulating showerhead or something that covers a large surface area then the TS200AL65-CP may not be perfect for you. If you just need a good quality, efficient showerhead with a lot of different functions then this will serve you well.

Top Tip: There are some reviewers online giving tips on how to remove the flow regulators to get more of a strong flow and high pressure from your Toto shower head. While this is possible, it isn’t very responsible. The regulators keep the GPM (gallons per minute) or GPH (gallons per hour) within the regulations. These are set to avoid overusing water.


As well as GPM being a good measure of power, it is a very good measure of efficiency. 2.5 GPM is is the flow rate that has been decided should be the maximum allowed for manufacturers. There has to be a restrictor within the product meaning it can only use 2.5 gallons of water per minute. 20 or 30 years ago, depending on what part of the world you were in, or what state you lived in, these restrictions were probably much more relaxed. 2.5 GPM is enough, provided the water pressure is optimized.

In the case of the TS200AL65-CP, the flow is good but not amazing. If pressure is your only criteria then some other products might be more suitable, but if efficiency is your key then this is a wonderful option. The fact that you can use it on different settings, some of which use even less water, means you can keep those water bills low and also alter your impact on water usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does This Include an Arm?

Answer: The arm is not included when you purchase this product, but there is an arm which is designed to go with it. The Toto TS200N6#CP Transitional Collection Series Shower Arm. This is a six inch model.

Question: What Are the Showerhead Dimensions?

Answer: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5 inches

Question: Does the Head Pivot

Answer: The shower head does pivot to be able to give you a degree of flexibility.

Question: Is this Product Likely to Build Up Limescale and Mold Over Time?

Answer: Though all products which deal with water do have this risk, the intelligent design, which features rubber outlets for the water, means the chances of limescale building up have been vastly lowered. After a while, it may be sensible to clean your shower head, but this is needed far less likely due to the intelligent design.

What Does The Customer Say?

We think it is very important, in the interest of balance, to give the opinions of multiple people who have used the product. Fortunately, we live in the age of online reviews, and finding commonalities in these reviews is a good way to gauge the product in question.

It is fair to say that the TS200AL65-CP has divided opinion in many ways. Some users have claimed this is the best showerhead they’ve ever owned, some have bemoaned certain aspects of its design.


This is an area that has perhaps caused the most debate out of any of the features of this showerhead. Some people are very happy with the flow and pressure of this product, but as we’ve already alluded to, it is gentle.

For some, this gentle, rain-like pressure is perfect. Others like to feel like they have some serious power washing them, and it is safe to say that these people may be disappointed by the TS200AL65-CP.


The “spray” setting has a good coverage which is sufficient for most. Unless you are specifically looking for something with a huge amount of coverage then this will serve you well. Some people have commented that the other settings don’t have a great amount of coverage. The massage setting has come in for a little criticism for being a little too narrow in its coverage, and it can feel a little like showering under a tap.

Fortunately, the five different settings this product offers means that there is likely to be at least a couple which are suitable, and the chance for you to experiment.

Ease of Installation

This is definitely an area which has been pretty much universally praised. The Toto TS200AL65-CP really couldn’t be much easier to install, this is especially true if you have the arm already installed and are just looking for a matching head.

When the manufacturers say this should take around five minutes, they’re not kidding. If you need the arm installed, this can be a more difficult task and may require a professional plumber if you are not confident.

Build Quality

Toto products are very hard to fault when it comes to build quality. This is a showerhead which has been built to last. The manufacturer is so confident of this that it offers a limited lifetime warranty for personal use. For commercial use, it offers one year, which is still pretty good.

Some similar models have problems with the switches to control the flow settings after a while, and limescale buildup is a big problem as we have already discussed. The materials used to produce this, and the good quality workmanship which has gone into the design means that this is not one of the flimsy shower products which needs replacing every year or so!


The flow rate has been well designed and is commented on in reviews regularly. Restricting to 2.0 or 2.5 GPM depending on which setting you use means that you can cut the water you are using, especially if you have an older style shower.

Final Thoughts

Naturally, finding the right shower head for you will come down to your own personal preference. This shower head is ideal for anyone who wants a gentle yet efficient showerhead, which very rarely exceeds 2.0 GPM. The water you use can drastically drop after installing a showerhead like this, which can definitely help to justify the price tag.

That said, the TS200AL65-CP certainly isn’t overly pricey anyway, and represents good value for money. To look at this product, you are likely to be struck by the classy finish. It certainly looks like it could have cost a lot more than it does. The only people I would steer away from this product are those looking for huge coverage or huge power. If you are fine with just a normal, good quality flow rate then the TS200AL65-CP by Toto is a wonderful choice.

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