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by Thomas Holmes

The Waterpik AAD-773T is a showerhead which has been designed with power in mind. It is one of the modern trends of dual shower heads, and the two heads means that your shower experience can be made more fun and exciting by having two different angles of water. The Waterpik brand offers reliable products, this is also a great for a more thorough clean and a relaxing, massaging experience.

Waterpik AAD-773T DualSpray Adjustable Rain Shower Head

Waterpik AAD-773T

  • Easy rub clean anti clog nozzles
  • 7.5inch Diameter head
  • Two shower heads in one easy installation
  • 1.62 pounds weight

“Massage” is a word used a lot in relation to this shower head. The Waterpik brand made a shower massage head way back in the 1970s and claim to have been honing and improving this technology ever since. They call this PowerPulse, and the spray that comes from this shower head certainly is impressive, and gives multiple options, too. The massaging effect is also helped by the size of the shower head, with the top head being an impressive 7.5 inches in diameter.

In terms of price, this is in the low/mid-range of shower heads. There are many cheaper products out there if you are going to settle for an individual shower head, but for dual heads, your choices become more limited. The AAD-773T offers a lot of bang for your buck.


  • Has a diverter so you can easily switch between using either or both of these shower heads.
  • Very powerful with a strong massaging effect, great for use after exercise or just for a wonderful feeling shower.
  • Anti-clog nozzles mean that you can easily clear any limescale or mineral build ups which occur inside the shower head.
  • Easily adjust the angle of the heads to your own personal preference.


  • Neither of the heads can be used as handheld shower heads with extendable reach.
  • Made from relatively inexpensive materials.

Key Features

Spray Settings

Most quality shower heads have a good choice of spray settings, and this is one area where the Waterpik AAD-773T certainly doesn’t disappoint. There are seven different settings in total, which can be a little unusual to find in a shower head which is so sizeable.

The manufacturer’s description of those settings includes “full body, power spray, drenching rain shower, and pulsating massage”. Combine this with the fact that you have two different heads, and you will see just how many options this relatively simple product can give you. The seven settings are split into five different massaging and power settings on the lower head, and two different ‘rainfall’ settings on the upper head.

Anti-Clog Nozzles

As we’ve briefly mentioned already, this is one of many shower heads to start to offer anti-clog nozzles. What this basically means is that the nozzles, made out of rubber, have the flexibility for the customer to break down any buildups which occur.

Let's say you notice a few of the nozzles aren’t spraying anymore, you can simply wiggle these around and apply some pressure to break down any minerals or materials which have collected within. Though this is not exactly hi-tech, it is a highly useful way of getting rid of a problem most of us experience with our showers at some point.

Adjustable Heads

The shower heads are adjoined, with one sitting directly above the other in the design. However, you do have a choice of angle with these. The unit can be tilted and adjusted. You can alter how far out from the wall the water comes in terms of the angle, or whether it is pointing further downwards.

If we were going to be super critical, then an area that could be improved is if you were able to tilt one, or even both of these heads. Even though you can adjust them vertically, there is no way to tilt them to the left or right. The design means that you will naturally get coverage from two different angles, but it would be great if those angles were 100% adjustable, or at least a little more than up or down.

Three Way Diverter

This is a great feature for any 2-in-1 design of shower. It is helpful to be able to choose which of the shower heads you wish to use, or both if you are going for maximum coverage. This is simple to control with a diverter on the shower head itself.

The Waterpik AAD-773T has a great, gentle overhead ‘rain’ shower setting from the 7.5-inch head at the top. This is a great feature and you can choose to use this just on its own if you wish. The lower head is designed to be a little more forceful and is great for things like a quick rinse or a hair wash, to ensure you’ve thoroughly rinsed all of your shampoo and conditioner, for instance.

OptiFLOW Technology

The Waterpik is designed using OptiFLOW technology, something they state on their product description page. So, what is OptiFLOW?

All shower heads are restricted by certain regulations, including restrictions on the GPM or ‘gallons per minute’ of water which can be used. OptiFLOW has been designed to try and create a great deal of pressure and power without using a great deal of water, which is naturally very good for your environmental impact as well as your bank balance. The GPM of a shower head has to be below 2.5 in many parts of the US, so being able to optimize this is a bonus.

Does it work? Well, the lower of the two shower heads really packs some power, especially when used on its own, but if you add the second shower head in there is suddenly less water for each to work with. A little of this power is therefore lost, but generally speaking it has plenty of ‘oomph’ for most people's’ preferences.

Economy and Water Consumption

The economic impact of a shower head is something most of us like to consider in this day and age. Not only can an efficient shower head be good for your water bills, it is also good for the environment, which is why it is worth mentioning that the Waterpik AAD-773T offers a very reasonable 2.0 GPM. This means every minute a maximum of two gallons of water are used. It may sound like a lot if you haven’t come across these measurements before, but it is actually very efficient. Most shower heads are around the 2.5 mark, while some older models can be 3-4 GPM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to employ a plumber or contractor to fit this?

Answer: Absolutely not, everything you need to install the product is in the box, and it isn’t a difficult process at all. The Waterpik fits a standard ½ inch connector which most modern bathrooms have, so you can simply screw it on and be ready to go. If you don’t have a ½ inch connector, you can simply purchase an adapter with your shower head. The process of installation should only take a matter of a few minutes.

Question: Can I remove the water flow restrictor?

Answer: As with many different shower heads, removing the flow restrictor is not a super difficult thing to do. If you are quite a practical person and know your way around a shower head, then this will be an easy process. The question should perhaps not be if you can, but if you should. Most people who have removed the restrictor seem to say that it doesn’t make much difference, if any. There is no real benefit to it due to the optiFlow technology already included, and it may just lead to using more water.

Question: How adjustable is the shower head?

Answer: The adjustments that can be made are ‘up and down’ rather than side to side. It would be good if the head had a little more flexibility, but this isn’t a big problem for most people, who are used to standing under a shower while it is stationary.

What Does the Customer Say?

Rainfall Feeling

Many customers are looking for that authentic rainfall feeling when they’re buying a shower head, and it can be hard to come by. Customer reviews about the Waterpik tend to say that it does a great job of this with the larger shower head which sits at the top, and has two different rainfall settings. The 7.5-inch diameter means plenty of spray, and you can tilt it to your own personal preference. A really immersive showering experience has been praised by a lot of the reviewers.

There are quite a few good rainfall style shower heads out there, but not many have the benefit of a second head which can offer a bit more power for those times when you need to rinse or are just looking for a shower to wake you up a bit more. The Waterpik’s combination of both is one of its strongest selling points.


It is not unusual to see a manufacturer claiming their product can be installed in minutes! This is a big selling point and lots of shower heads have this listed on their product description. However, it is one thing claiming that installation is easy, it is another getting the consumer to agree.

Fortunately, the customer reviews of the AAD-773T back up their claims. People who claim to be useless around the house or phobic of anything DIY are reporting being able to set this shower head up in minutes. It couldn’t be much simpler, and this is a big plus point for many people. No need to worry about the cost of getting someone to install it for you, just ‘plug in and go’.


The pressure of the Waterpik AAD-773T is an area that reviewers seem to have different opinions on. This may be influenced by the fact that the PSI (pressure) of pipes can vary from home to home. This will certainly have some impact on the power and pressure of the shower head.

In general, many of the people who buy this shower head looking for pure power are often a little on the disappointed side. Even the smaller head, which has higher pressure, doesn’t offer a huge amount of power. This is not necessarily a flaw. Shower heads which are designed to have a rainfall setting are often not built totally for power.

It’s certainly not a ‘weak’ shower head either. Considering the efficiency of using a 2.0 GPM head, and the fact you can use both heads at once, the pressure is good, if not brilliant.

When using both heads together, naturally the pressure does drop a little. This is virtually unavoidable with all dual head shower products, as the water and pressure have more work to do through two shower heads.


Without wanting to sound critical, if you were in the market for a shower head purely based on the way it looks, you may not opt for the Waterpik. There is nothing unappealing about the looks, it is just a very simple design. If we were to use one word for it, we would describe the Waterpik AAD-773T as ‘subtle’. This is certainly not a criticism, and subtle may be exactly what you are looking for. The materials it is made out of are relatively inexpensive, which is one of the reasons this shower head can be bought at such a good price.

Final Thoughts

The Waterpik AAD-773T offers a relatively affordable and good-quality way of getting 2-in-1 shower head action! If you are happy to not have a handheld option, then this may be a great product for your bathroom. The rainfall shower head option gives a gentle flow, with a little more power coming from the second, lower shower head.

This product does have a sibling, too. The Waterpik XET-633-643 does away with the rainfall shower head and instead gives a handheld option with a five-foot hose for reaching more difficult areas. All-in-all, the AAD-773T is worth putting on your shortlist if you’re after a dual action shower head, though the Aquadance 7” combo is a little cheaper and gives this product a run for its money.

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