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by Thomas Holmes

Woodbridge delivers another beautiful, effective, and affordable bathtub with their 67” acrylic freestanding contemporary soaking tub. It offers a fantastic take on a contemporary soaking tub without breaking your bank.

If you’re interested in deep, relaxing evenings, a beautiful contemporary style and functionality, and being a smart consumer, you’ve found the right product.

From comfortability to style, to function, this tub delivers on your desires at almost every step of the way.

Woodbridge BTA1513 Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Woodbridge BTA1513 Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • Capacity: 60 Gallon
  • High glossy white acrylic construction
  • Non-Slip Bottom
  • Ergonomic High-back single slipper design

Product Overview

Woodbridge uses high-quality material in many of their bathtubs. This one is no exception. With high gloss white Lucite acrylic that is reinforced with Ashland resign and fiberglass, this tub is designed to last a long tie.

It has ample size within the tub yet is also economical in the amount of space it will take up in your bathroom. You have more options in regards to placement with this tub without sacrificing the comfort of your evening soak or bath experience.

It has a modern design to fit the part of whatever your bathroom’s décor may be. It looks luxurious and stands out to anyone entering your bathroom. It’s a real eye-popper that also is effective at relieving your stress. A win-win any day.

Is the thought of installing a new bathtub or undertaking a bathroom remodel daunting for you? It’s not an issue with this tub. Because it’s freestanding, and Woodbridge is a masterful packager, the tub is easy to install and use with its simple-to-use instructions.

Bathtub Information

The tub weighs in at 75 pounds, an extraordinary feat considering it can hold a gigantic amount of water. The water capacity is 60 gallons. That means you’ll have more than enough room to recline back and have a deep, soothing soak.

It’s also acrylic, which means it comes with ample benefits. The acrylic allows for incredibly easy cleaning. It’s also stain and scratch-resistant. That means you don’t have to always be so concerned when your kids and guests use your bathroom. It’s tough.

The acrylic also comes reinforced with resin to ensure that your bathtub lasts longer and is more durable. Its bottom comes with a stainless steel bracket that allows this bathtub to have a load capacity of 1000 pounds.

A large water capacity plus a large load capacity means that you can share your bathtub with anyone you’d like. Do you have kids? It’s great for sharing a bath with your precious children. Or, would you like the company while you soak? It’s perfect for sharing with bigger people too.

The tub is designed with a double-wall reinforcement. Yes, it means your tub is stronger. But, more importantly, it means that it keeps the water at your desired temperature for longer. Used to short baths because the water just won’t stay warm? It is no longer an issue with this bathtub.

To top it off, it has a modern, elegant, fashionable design. It’s perfect for any bathroom you’re looking to bring a bit of flair to. Your guests won’t help but notice the beautiful bathroom in your home with this furnishing.


  • The large water capacity allows for a deep, relaxing experience. It is perfect for single occupancy or more.
  • It’s acrylic that’s reinforced with fiberglass. That translates into a longer-lasting and more durable product for you. Your money goes longer with these materials.
  • The curves on the inside of the tub allow for an ergonomic design. Your body will comfortably recline as you get the most out of your relaxation.
  • It’s freestanding with a narrower design! This will allow you to easily place and install this tub in a variety of different spaces in your bathroom.


  • It is conservative in its size. If you’re a taller person, this tub may be a bit small for you.
  • It drains slow. The design of the tub restricts how fast the drain can remove water.


Are you looking to have an acrylic bathtub make your bathroom look great? This Woodbridge 67” acrylic freestanding contemporary soaking tub stands out with the best of them. It’s smaller yet with a large capacity. It’s perfect for almost any bathroom décor or if you have limited space to work with. Woodbridge, again, delivers another effective, contemporary-styled, beautiful bathtub.

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