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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

This bathtub is designed for people who want a sleek, luxurious-styled bathtub with features that just make sense. Whether you’re looking for a great looking acrylic bathtub or a sensible product, Woodbridge delivers.

The bathtub is designed to stand out in a modern-styled bathroom. Its size is more than accommodating for deep, relaxing soaks. However, its depth doesn’t affect its structure. The simple, conservative design allows the bathtub to fit into a variety of spaces.

Woodbridge BTA1514 Freestanding Bathtub

Woodbridge BTA1514 Freestanding Bathtub

  • Freestanding Installation
  • Oval shape
  • Solid brass Brushed Nickel drain
  • Capacity: 55 Gallon

If you’ve ever taken a bath in a poorly-designed bathtub, you’ll know that they just can’t provide the comfort you need after a long, straining day. With Woodbridge’s acrylic freestanding bathtub, it’ll never be a concern. The bathtub is designed to fit the shape of your body, allowing you the maximum comfort when you deserve it. It also uses a double-wall design to retain heat.

Bathtub Information

The Woodridge brand is trusted and has many positive acrylic bathtub reviews written about them. They’ve been providing kitchen and bathroom products since 2005.

Their company delivers products at an affordable cost by cutting out the middle man. They use their factories and warehouses to provide well-priced costs. Most of their expenses are in manufacturing and transportation costs.

The bathtub uses a double wall design to keep water at your desired temperature for longer. Have you ever had a relaxing soak ruined by the water becoming too cold? With Woodbridge’s design that won’t be an issue.

The glassy acrylic used in the bathtub’s construction translates into a classy, chic look with a reliable design. It’s built for luxury and with strength and durability in mind.

The bathtub is also built with an ergonomic design. You can tell Woodbridge cares about its consumers because they have an eye for providing comfort. The bathtub is designed to let your body naturally fit into the shape of the tub.

One size fits all, or even two. The large, 55-gallon depth with this tub provides extra space and comfort for a single individual, or even two. Whether you’re soaking alone or with company, there is plenty of space to feel relaxed and refreshed when you’re soaking in this bathtub.

The product even comes carefully packaged with the overflow and drain pre-installed. Setting up your bathtub is simple with their instructions, meaning you can get to soaking in your new bathtub as quickly as possible.

The Benefits of Soaking Provides

HuffPost stated a hot bath could have similar benefits to exercise, and they’re not wrong. Here are some benefits to soaking:

  • Improve muscle recovery. Soaking in a warm bath soothes muscles after a workout.
  • Lower stress. Soaking allows you to take a moment to yourself and escape the hectic world for a moment.
  • Live healthier. Lower blood pressure and a healthier heart can be seen from soaking.
  • Burn calories. Soaking and having a good sweat can burn off calories. It’s similar to exercise!
  • Pain relief. Have a migraine? Sore throat? Warm water and steam can help soothe the throat and provide moderate pain relief.
  • Remove toxins. Soaking in warm water can help displace toxins.
  • Feel better when you’re sick. Hot water soaking can help with colds and flu-like symptoms.
  • Improve your skincare. A hot soak can help create smooth, beautiful skin. It’s the secret for many people’s skincare routines.
  • Extreme comfort. Soaking in hot water has to be one of the most relaxing things anyone can do. Thirty minutes of pure bliss? Yes, please.


  • Woodbridge delivers a sleek-styled bathtub, fitting to catch the eye of someone entering your bathroom.
  • The 55-gallon depth allows anyone to comfortably soak within it.
  • The acrylic material means that the tub is easily maintainable.
  • Double Wall reinforcement design keeps the water warmer for longer
  • Affordable compared to other bathtubs with similar features
  • The acrylic material also provides strength and durability
  • A classic look for modern-day styled bathrooms


  • The design is conservative. It lacks extra amenities but is perfect for a chic bathroom.
  • The bathtub may drain slower because of a smaller sized drain.
  • The elegance of the tub may be overshadowed if your bathroom has an over-the-top style.


Hopefully, this has tied together what the Woodbridge acrylic freestanding bathtub can provide. It’s classy. It’s reliable. It’s simplistically beautiful. It’s perfect for someone who wants a fashionable bathroom with everything still designed for you. Somehow they’ve managed to price it affordably too. Owning this bathtub won’t ever be a bad decision.

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