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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Woodbridge b-0030/bts1606 67" is the best freestanding tub for those who want the superior quality you have come to expect of Woodbridge tubs, and want the added luxury of the massaging jet features. Like similar freestanding bathtub models, it is crafted out of the highest quality lucite acrylic resin and is reinforced with a layer of fiberglass for added durability. However, there are a few luxury features that set this model apart from the crowd. If you put together a list with top rated freestanding tubs, this one is definitely on it.

Woodbridge BTS1606 Whirlpool

Woodbridge BTS1606 Whirlpool

  • Capacity 60 Gallons
  • Power Requirements: 110 V, 60hz
  • Back & Foot massage design
  • 99 Pounds weight

This luxury freestanding bathtub comes with water jets and air bubble generators for a spa experience right at home. The underwater light will make you feel even more luxurious and relaxed as you enjoy the therapeutic bubble massage from the jets. It is a large bathtub suitable for one to two people to enjoy a deep, hot bath complete with massaging water jets.

Health Benefits

  • Increase Circulation

The use of jets and bubbles in combination with the hot water will stimulate circulation all over the body. This can have many health benefits such as improved weight loss and pain relief. Increased circulation will help oxygenate the body and promote healthy blood flow

  • Relieve Pain

The massaging jets will release tension from your muscles, offering relief from chronic muscle pain. Those with certain conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pain can benefit from the soothing muscle massage that this bathtub offers. It makes it even more convenient to enjoy a luxury spa treatment in the comfort of your home.


  • Double-Insulated Acrylic Walls

The walls of the freestanding tub are fashioned out of 100% acrylic lucite resin and reinforced with high-quality fiberglass. The durable walls are double insulated for maximum heat retention so you can enjoy your bath for an even longer time.

On the surface, the fiberglass works to protect against damage. The tub will stay shiny white and clean for years even with heavy use. Woodbridge bathtubs are protected against cracks, chips, and stains so they stay beautiful and clean longer than the average tub.

  • Luxury Features

The luxury features of this model of freestanding tub are ten water jets, ten bubble massagers, and an underwater mood light. You can enjoy all of the relaxing comfort of your favorite spa but in the comfort of your home.

There are many health benefits to taking a relaxing bath, and the powerful massagers will increase your benefits. After a long day of work and responsibility, everyone should enjoy a luxury bathing experience such as this.

  • Trusted Manufacturer

Woodbridge has been a respected manufacturer of bathroom appliances for many years now and they know what they are doing. They only use the top of the line materials in construction and work with design experts to streamline functionality and comfort.

If you have any questions or need help with installation, their friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. The bathtub even comes with a manufacturer's warranty so you can enjoy your purchase without worry of parts damages, they have it covered.

  • Elegant Minimalist Design

The body of the bathtub is a shiny, white color with clean geometric lines. The freestanding format allows for it to be installed almost anywhere for added versatility in interior design choices. Clean and simple, it is a beautiful tub that adds a touch of luxury to the room without overpowering it. It is a lovely focal point for a modern home bathroom.


  • Bath Faucet Purchased Separately

The package comes with everything you need to install your bathtub, but the faucet will need to be purchased separately. There are many different styles of faucets that are available affordably through the same trusted manufacturer.


The Woodbridge b-0030/bts1606 67" is the best freestanding tub for people who want a luxury water jet and air bubble massager in their bathtub along with the trusted manufacturing we expect from Woodbridge. The package comes with everything you need to install the tub, and the customer service line can help you if you have any questions. The soothing jets will massage your whole body for increased circulation with many powerful health benefits.

The body of the tub is made out of high-quality acrylic reinforced with fiberglass for maximum insulation. Water will stay at the desired temperature longer. The surface of the tub is easy to clean and will not easily scratch or stain. While other bathtubs turn yellow and chip over time, this one will stay beautiful for years to come even with minimal upkeep. The manufacturer's warranty protects against parts damage so you can be confident when making your purchase.

Altogether, this bathtub offers a luxury bathing experience that would enhance any bathroom. The jets have many health benefits that those seeking pain relief and stress management will benefit from. Also, it is aesthetically beautiful and the L.E.D. light is very cool looking.

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